Dr. Thomas Immel

Mission Operations Update #2

Update to MIGHTI Temperature product (2.3) and FTP site organization

There is an update coming for MIGHTI 2.3 temperatures, bringing the product up to version 4. The change primarily affects nighttime temperature retrievals. Details are available in the history attribute in the NetCDF, and also in the online documentation, given in the link below which will be live when the product is available:


Furthermore, a change to the ftp site has been implemented, where all MIGHTI products will now appear in a single directory (no longer split between MIGHTI-A and MIGHTI-B for Level 2.1 and 2.3). So specifically, the following 3 products will be found here, where the year and day of year are given generically :

2.1, 2.2 and 2.3 will all be available in the same directory for any particular day:


These updates are rolling out now, and on any day, for example, all the products from an instrument at a particular level are in one ZIP directory.  Note that all products will begin to be made available ONLY after being packaged in a zip file, and that all products from each instrument will appear together in this ZIP directory.

MIGHTI users should transition to using data in the ZIP directory, and move away from data in the LOS-Winds/     Temperature/   Vector-Winds/ directories.


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