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ICON at AGU Fall Meeting

Online 1-17 December 2020

AGU logoThe AGU Fall Meeting will be one of the world's largest virtual scientific conferences, with exciting programming and events. #AGU20 is scheduled from 1-17 December. Scientific program content will be available on-demand, with pre-recorded oral presentations and virtual posters available for attendees to view and peruse outside of the scheduled live Q&A sessions during the meeting.

Here are ICON science-related sessions, posters, and the SPA Town Hall on Wednesday night (Dec 9) in PDF version. All times are Pacific Standard Time (PST) (UTC−8.)

For a quick one-page "cheat sheet," click here.


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ICON skin is based on Greytness by Adammer
Background image, courtesy of NASA, is a derivitave of photograph taken by D. Pettit from the ISS, used under Creative Commons license