Data Product Matrix

ICON Level 4 data products are available online at  These are higher level products that provide global specification of atmospheric tides (4.1) and all other key parameters (4.3) in this environment measured by ICON .

Level 4 Product Version Notes
4.1 Hough Mode Extension 3.0 Includes Tidal Components and TIEGCM boundary specification. Version 1.0 is described at this link and this link. Version 3 documentation is coming soon.
4.3 ICON-TIEGCM 2.0 The ICON-TIEGCM is based upon TIEGCM V2.0 and includes the HME boundary specification derived from MIGHTI winds and temperatures. Described at this link
4.4 ICON-SAMI3 1.0 The ICON SAMI3 run is based upon SAMI3, where the atmospheric dynamics and composition are defined by the ICON-TIEGCM. Currently running in the SDC for initial publication winter of 2023-2024.

ICON Level 2 Data Products are all available at Please refer to the descriptions online, or check the links provided below for detailed product information.

Level 2 Product Version Notes

2.1 MIGHTI Line of Sight Winds. 4 files.
MIGHTI-A, Red and Green Line
MIGHTI-B, Red and Green Line                             


October 2022 public release.

Product contents fully described at this link.

2.2 MIGHTI Cardinal Winds
MIGHTI Green Line


October 2022 public release.

Product description at this link.

2.3 MIGHTI Temperatures


October 2021 public release with updated nighttime temperatures. Product description at this link.

2.4 FUV O/N2 ratios


Spring 2024 updates for provide the first product derived from limb data. Disc data are still provided. Product description at this link.

2.5 FUV Nighttime O+


Third public release. See change history in product description at this link.

2.6 EUV Daytime O+


Summer 2022 release. Changes to flatfield process in L1 and in data flags. Product description available at this link.

2.7 IVM Plasma Velocities


Third public release (April 2022). Product description at this link.

ICON Level 1 Data Products are all available at Please refer to the descriptions online, or check the links provided below for detailed product information.

Level 1 Product Version Notes

1.1 MIGHTI Calibrated Fringe Data

1.2 MIGHTI A-band radiances          


First public release. Product contents both fully described at this link

Files describe contents of both MIGHTI A and MIGHTI B channels

1.3 FUV Short and Long Wave calibrated radiance profiles

1.4 FUV Limb and Sub-Limb nighttime images. 


Links below to:

Shortwave and Longwave radiance profile descriptions.

Limb and Sublimb nighttime imaging descriptions.

1.5 EUV Limb radiance profiles


Second public release. Updated flatfield is implemented.

Product Description

1.6 IVM Retarding Potential Analyzer and Drift Meter


Released April 2022.

Product description.


ICON ancillary data products are available online at Links to full ancillary product descriptions will be provide provided here shortly. Ancillary products are generally necessary to geo-locate L1 products.

All data products are archived at the NASA Space Physics Data Facility as soon as they are made available here. 

ICON skin is based on Greytness by Adammer
Background image, courtesy of NASA, is a derivitave of photograph taken by D. Pettit from the ISS, used under Creative Commons license