cover of PDF presentationDr. Thomas Immel's ICON presentation from EGU April 2021 (European Geophysics Union virtual conference), The Electrodynamic Influence of Thermospheric Winds in the Daytime Ionosphere .  (PDF - 3MB - 9pp.)

ICON Print Materials

ICON Fact Sheet (8.5" x 11")

colorful poster of space

ICON Poster (21" x 24")

ICON Postcard (6" x 4")

Poster comparing ICON and GOLD missions

ICON vs GOLD Infographic Poster (18 X 36")

"Heliophysics: Exploring Uncharted Territory/Ionosphere" (with ICON satellite) Poster (8" X 10") - for full-size double-sided print version (1.2 Mb), click here.

ICON Infographic Poster (11" x 25" - 12 MB). For full-size print version (133 MB), click here.

ICON skin is based on Greytness by Adammer
Background image, courtesy of NASA, is a derivitave of photograph taken by D. Pettit from the ISS, used under Creative Commons license