MIGHTI V5 winds coming out to End of Mission

The first distribution of MIGHTI V5 data published in December 2022 extended to August 2022.

Even though the observatory returned data until late November, the data production involved a baseline-establishing process that expected a full 6 months of data. So, some updates to the algorithm were required to process out to the end of the mission. This is now happening, and will provide finally over 1000 days of MIGHTI V5 data, which after review will likely be available on the ICON site and the NASA archive by the end of April 2023.

It has been noted that several days of data that were available in V4 were not produced in the V5 processing. This is due in part to the fact that the new version of the software utilizes a broader set of inputs from the instrument and the associated housekeeping data, which turned up a few interesting details that are being addressed. We are working to make sure all the data expected from using V4 is present in V5.

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