Dr. Thomas Immel

IVM Version 6 data now online

Version 6 of the IVM Level 2 data product is now available on the Public FTP site. It's a significant upgrade, and the release notes in the documentation describe the improvements to the product.


From that document. The V06 data product has been improved to handle large O+ fractions and to include cross-track ion drifts derived by neglecting inputs from the RPA.Data products has been corrected for long-term systematic offsets produced by uncertainties in the electrostatic environment of the spacecraft. The corrected variables are: ICON_L27_Ion_Velocity_X, ICON_L27_Ion_Velocity_Y, ICON_L27_Ion_Velocity_Z. They are used to compute the plasma drifts in magnetic coordinates. The uncorrected data may be accessed directly in the variables ICON_L27_Raw_Ion_Velocity_X, ICON_L27_Raw_Ion_Velocity_Y, ICON_L27_Raw_Ion_Velocity_Z Transverse ion drifts derived by neglecting RPA inputs may be accessed directly in the variables ICON_L27_Original_Velocity_Y, ICON_L27_Original_Velocity_Z. Short term variations with periods less than 10 days have not been removed but may be accurately assessed from examination of the zonal (daily) average of the meridional drift ICON_L27_Ion_Velocity_Meridional within 1 hour of 1800 MLT. Zonal averages in excess of 5 m/s over this local time range provide a reliable estimate of the short-term offset.

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