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Mission Operations News

Dr. Thomas Immel

Mission Operations Update #1

We are coming up on ICON's 1-year anniversary in space, and the ICON Science Data Center is steadily producing Level 2 data products in NetCDF format, all available through links in the Data section of this site. Description of all Level 2 derived products are available there in pdf form. If you are interested in these data, please first have a look at these documents, which are derived directly from the products themselves.

Level 1 calibrated data are also available. The utility of these to the user depends on simultaneous access to the ancillary data that are also available. These contain geopositioning and FOV data that is variably available in the L1 instrument files. For FUV, for instance, you must use the ancillary data to geoposition any of the calibrated FUV data in the L1s.

Ancillary files are available as well, with a product matrix coming soon. MIGHTI L1 contains geopositioning data, so the ancillary file is not necessary for data display. EUV, FUV, and IVM require it for similar interpretation.

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