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Dr. Thomas Immel

ICON Mission Operations Update #8 - New EUV Level 1 products and revised Level 2 retrievals

Level 2 version unchanged for now

The EUV Level 1 (L1) product containing EUV limb radiances has been updated to V3. This resolves primarily remaining issues with flatfielding. The Level 2 (L2) products are now re-run using these L1 inputs. The retrieval algorithm hasn't changed but the revision number has been indexed on the L2 products. This now extends the L2 products into 2021.

In order to clear up any possible misunderstanding, the L2 product will be re-run with an increase in version number (v3) and a clarification in the history attribute to note the update to the source of the data. However, the performance of the retrieval will not be changed. You can get ahead of this version update now, but note that the file creation dates for the new products are November 2021.

It is also important to note the revision of the v3 L1 data, the latest of which is run in October 2021.

L1 v3 documentation

L2 v2 documentation

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